Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Would You Lukas That?

I like winning. A lot. 3 in a row now for Arsenal as we claim all 3 points at French Champions Montpellier.

Some facets of Arsenal's performance did leave me feeling uncomfortable though, watching a goalkeeper command his area and look unbothered by crosses, seeing 2 (TWO) sitting midfielders break up play and knowing where to stand and what to do (and not having silly hair) and defending set pieces confidently both individually and as a unit.

It'll never catch on will it?

In all seriousness, any victory away in the Champions League should be gratefully recieved, we're not always going to see the champagne football from Saturday and also should remember Montpellier played Friday and had an extra day's rest. Podolski looks lethal, Gervinho has confidence and also busts a gut to get into the right position and the defence had an alright game. Lack of subs baffled me though.

Montpellier were excellent second half, they seemed to not know what to do having taken the lead so early and with it being their first ever CL game, they slightly panicked and let Arsenal back in it.

Anyway, can't complain and Stevie Bould has a 100% record as manager. I had even prepared for defeat tonight though, with all the 2004 facts going round about our start I heard this gem today.

Arsenal haven't lost on Matchday 1 since.........Inter Milan - In Invincibles season.

See you tomorrow. Up the Arse.

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