Wednesday, 19 September 2012


So....Yeah.....How are you? Weather's turned a bit cold hasn't it?......

Bit dull today Arse fans, calm before the weekend storm and I'm going into the game against Manchester City thinking we can win and full of confidence, full of confidence in Vito Mannone, is this the same as when we hailed Johan Djourou as the saviour of everything? Or when Thomas Vermaelen suddenly became Paolo Maldini on his year off?

I have to admit, I never thought I'd see Vito again, the spells on loan at Hull led me to believe the permanent move and "we wish Vito the best of luck with his future endeavours" message from the website were imminent but no, Vito has stuck around and looks a totallly different goalkeeper, which is handy as the Vito of last season was useless.

What does this say of Woijech Szczesny? I think the kid has had his eyes opened this season, he became no 1 on the back of Fabianski being injured and with no real competition, also think that with the new super-amazing magical defence forcefield we have, Woj isn't as busy as he once was, and when he isn't busy, he tends to not concentrate, either that or he tries really hard to get noticed when he's needed and makes a hash of it.

So there you go, more confident with Vito Mannone in goal to face the Champions, may I ask directions to the nearest padded cell?

Until Tomorrow where I confess I'd rather have Kaba Diawara then Thierry Henry*

* That's a joke.

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