Thursday, 27 September 2012

COCsure Arsenal swagger into next round.

That whole "bigging-up" Thomas Eisfeld yesterday was a triumph as he made his......oh.

I can't give you a detailed description of the match because unless you were there (I wasn't) it wasn't televised. Six goals against any professional team is a good thing though and the game served a few purposes as well.

Olivier Giroud broke his duck and then got flustered by the sight of people in their underpants and missed a penalty, Frimpong made his long-awaited come back from injury, Gnabry, Martinez and Angha made debuts....and we even saw Chamakh for 18 minutes.

Biggest plus though was seeing how Theo Walcott finished and his general "I've got something to prove" demeanour, that can only be a good thing and although I question his financial ask, I have always thought it would be foolish to part, especially to a direct competitor.

Reading away in the next round, excited to see this bunch play again...

All thoughts turn to Chelsea now so we'll build that game up as from tomorrow...unless something as pesky as financial results are released in the meantime.

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