Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Why I Think It's Cool Arsene Is Staying.

I actually wasn't that cool with the idea in the summer. I thought he was past it and shared many a private conversation saying that it was probably the end of his time here and no contract should be offered and we'll part way next summer. I'm very cool with it now.

I discarded David Moyes from my list of potential Arsenal managers way before he joined Manchester United. I watched Everton enough in his final season and those previous to know he just wouldn't suit, or give us anything we need. The same for Michael Laudrup, his ability to throw tantrums at the slightest objection plagued his time at Swansea and, look what ultimately happened.

This is in no way an 100% approval of Arsene, you may call it a case of "Better the Devil you know" and there is an element of truth to that, I just don't see a realistic contender to take the reigns and one of the most important points in the clubs history. Guardiola won't leave Bayern, Klopp won't leave Dortmund and could you really see Maureen crossing the divide? Cor, imagine the outrage!

This summer is the first where I'm putting Arsene and the board on the clock. Commercially everything they said would be done, has been done. The years of frugality should be a thing of the past as Arsenal wave goodbye to the restrictive deals signed in order to fund The Emirates, there is now simply no excuse for the squad to be short in areas and the Ozil signing as relieved one money from our backs in regards to big signings.

To summarise, Arsene is the right man at this time, but this is his final deal and his final chance at glory. He has the finances, he has the backing. He needs to step it up one more time. Can he?

Sunday, 16 February 2014


The title suggest some form of deep inquisition into Arsenal doesn't it? Will I talk about ticket prices, subsidies, redzones, money in the bank, Queensway Road sales?.................No.

These things are all worth mentioning and I think it's honourable that so many people devote a lot of free time to serving the club they love but...I'm just bored of it. And that's probably a bad thing but when you have the same people ramming the same information down your throats (And in some cases incorrect information) it tends to lose it's meaning and authority the 456th time. And I'm not sure how many more times I can stomach hearing the fact we ballsed up the summer transfer window. I know we did. We were there. It's not summer anymore.

Twitter on Matchdays is just bad when Arsenal are playing. Just so wrong. And this brings up more questions such as "Do some Arsenal fans tweet more when Arsenal are losing than they do when they are winning? If so, why? Can you really have an agenda if you're an Arsenal fan which is seeing them underperform? I think the answers are "Probably", "No idea" and "Hopefully not"

So my questions to you are:-

1. Should we have sold Lukas Podolski in January seeing as Wenger seems to have no intention of playing him?

Could he have been bait for Draxler? There obviously seems to be an issue with his workrate, but Podolski is one of those people who can turn a game (West Ham) and with Giroud being driven into the ground at the speed of a Red Rum inspired workhorse, isn't he a better option that Bendtner?

2. With Bacary Sagna's contract running down, does the idea of Carl Jenkinson being Arsenal's #1 RB give you the fear as much as it gives me?

I like Carl. A lot. But there's only so far "An Arsenal fan" gets you. I want him to succeed as much as possible because the fan aspect does give it a proper old romantic look. But he's not been good. I'm musing as to whether his purple patch in form was similar as to when Johan Djourou suddenly became the rock of the back four in 2011 (Cor, do you remember those times?)

and finally....

3. Would you rather win a cup and finish outside the top 4 or win no silverware but guarantee Champions League Football?

I know what I think but be interesting to hear from a few people.

You can tweet me @JamieDalton82 or leave messages in the comments I think.