Thursday, 13 September 2012

23 Years Too Late, More WengerTime and Arsenal :TNG lose on away mission

Yesterday was one of those days where you felt a wrong had started to be righted, where the arc of justice didn't start to bend towards truth & justice, but does now.

The real truth is now known, and some of it shocking, the most shocking point of it all is that it wouldn't be known without the dedication of the families who were affected to never give up and never accept the false, heinous smear that was placed on them and their family name and cities name by incompetent, reprehensible and repulsive people who thought it was better to try and sweep it all under the carpet. A big well done also to all football fans who signed the e-petition to get this ball rolling in Parliament. 99% of fans understood that it could of been our team, could of been us and I know I would want fans of other clubs to react the same way they did with their support.

As for The S**?, don't care what they have to say this morning, never have bought it and never will.

In Arsenal news, The Mirror report Arsenal will offer Arsene Wenger a new deal. Surprised as I've always clocked 2014 as the year Le Prof walks away.

Age and the symbolic gesture of handing over the keys to the Wengerdome nearly debt free and with brand new, shiny sponsorship deals and massive funds in the bank was a my thoughts so instead of the end of Wenger's legacy being trophyless, it would be seen as gatekeeperish.

Arsenal: The Next Generation lost the second group game 2-0 away at Olympiacos last night. Hear they were a bit unlucky but this exposure in this environment can only be a good thing.

See you Friday.

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