Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Run In.

Another setback this weekend and to be quite honest, the less we talk about the game the better. We've been very good after losses in the league this season but now the worry is they are starting to happen more frequently now. I've just scared myself shitless by looking at the fixtures from now until the end of the season. Jesus wept. I think we'll definitely know our fate at full-time on the 6th April. It's one month and three days to save the world and although I think the league is Chelsea's we just need to keep in touch so we don't have our annual 4th place cup final on the last day of the season. I think I speak for all of us when saying we could all do without 90 minutes where you age 20 years.

So how will we fare? Let's take a piss poor look into my crystal ball.

Spurs (A) - They'll be up for it, they'll sing their shit songs at 4mph as usual but I'm feeling this one.

Spurs 1-2 Arsenal

Chelsea (A) - Not feeling this one. No one goes into the land of A4 signs and wins. At best a draw but probably a narrow defeat all of our own making

Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

Manchester City (H) - We'll win this one. Don't ask me how. We just will.

Arsenal 3-1 Manchester City

Everton (A) - Goodison is a nightmare to go to. I'd take a draw. With beating Spurs and Man City we can afford this.

Everton 1-1 Arsenal 

West Ham (H)

Routine home win. Ozil to score 2. 

Arsenal 4-1 West Ham

Hull City (A)

Two late goals win this one. On a roll now. 

Hull 1-3 Arsenal

Newcastle United (H)

One of those nervy home 1-0 wins.

Arsenal 1-0 Newcastle United

West Brom (H)

Hard to predict. West Brom could be down and Mel-less, could be safe and with Mel, could be fighting for survival with him or without him. Last home game should provide an atmosphere.

Arsenal 3-0 West Brom

Norwich (A)

See above. 1-0. Kosicelny.

Norwich 0-1 Arsenal

Still to crowbar in is Swansea (H) - They've played better of late but we should win this one 2-0.

84 points. Think I'm being too optimistic here. But we'll see. What do you think? You know what to do.

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