Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bayern, Tottenham & Mike Dean

Bayern tonight. It's pie in the sky stuff to think we'll progress or even win the tie so a lot of people are looking for a morale-boositng performance to carry us through for the rest of the season. Bayern were simply awesome last season and to think they've added Pep Guardiola to the ranks, the stats are simply mindblowing, although I think the last two defeats in the Allianz have been against English teams in the Champions League so maybe there is a crumb of comfort in that. Probably not though.

My thoughts are already turning to Sunday and Tottenham, it's a pivotal game you feel, win and extend the gap to make the top 4 seem that little more locked in, Sherwood's full Keegan on Saturday could affect them in two ways, utter capitulation of the Chelsea variety or spur them on (Bad Pun). Hopefully the former. A loss is unthinkable at this stage of the season anyway.

The referee for the North London Derby is almost grabbing more attention than the game itself. One Michael Dean will be officiating. Arsenal fans love Mike Dean. Google "Mike Dean Arsenal".

Paolo Vernazza scored Arsenal's 1st goal under Mike Dean's reffing, that shows you how long he's been around and back in the early to mid 00's he was actually a good luck charm, Arsenal won their first 10/11 games with him in charge, I know there is a witch-hunt for him now but look at how it could've been spun differently had Twitter been around then.

I'll be back with post-Bayern, pre-Tottenham spiel on Friday.

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