Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Guns Don't Kill People, Selfies Do

A lot of things annoy me, the latest one is the name of this blog title, been drafting it for a day and now I see @Good2BAGooner has tweeted it, rendering the originality of it useless. Balls. But Gaz is a good follow so do it.

Another thing that annoys me is that Adrian Durham & Darren Gough's analysis on the NLD Derby was spot on. Arsenal weren't that good, but we didn't have to be because Tottenham were so inept, it also pleased me to hear Gough in particular rave about Per Mertesacker, you don't just have to have pace to play in the Premier League, Mertesacker has speed of thought, he knows where to stand, he gives Koscielny the green-light to be the swash-buckling defender who captures all the headlines, he is the Lawrenson, Bruce and Bould of the defensive world.

I've called the first result of the run-in correctly and the win leaves us 9 points ahead of 5th with a game in hand, the most important thing is to make sure 4th is secured before we think about the next objective.

Now bless em' - Spurs fans have had to endure a hell of a season, best player sold just after losing to us, enabling us to buy Mesut Ozil, we've put them out of the FA Cup and now beaten them for the first time in ages at WHL, and they have Tim Sherwood as boss. Nothing has tickled me more than Micky Hazard's Twitter campaign to get Szczesny banned for taking a picture with Gibbs and Poldi in front of the Arsenal fans. HELLO MICKY, WERE YOU THERE WHEN WE WON THE LEAGUE THERE AND DANCED IN FRONT OF YOU LOT? Jesus wept, it seems like a deflection tactic from the fact Spurs have wasted the Bale money and then some.

Tomas Rosicky only seems to play from March-May. A very useful clutch player to have in these times and what a well taken goal.

These are short blogs because I'm writing a long piece on the manager which I hope to share with you soon.

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