Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Reading 5 (FIVE) - Arsenal 7 (SEVEN) & 4,013 POTM's

Yep. It did happen. Promise. Swear on my life. A genuinely incredible 120 minutes and even though its the League Cup, the achievement and maybe redemption of clawing back a four goal deficit won't have been lost on the players and the 4,013 people who were miserable after 39 and footballgasmic after 120.

There's genuinely no need to analyse the game, there's no point because none of it made any sense and did anyone really learn anything from it apart from that football is bloody crazy?

What I do want to talk about is my men of the match, all 4,013 of them because they were the real heroes of last night and of our club. Travel delays had meant that most had to change plans because of rail problems in Central London at the drop of the hay, but they still made it. After the dross that had been served up in the last three games, I don't think many would of blamed them for upping-sticks at 4-0 and walking away. But they didn't because that's not what they do. These are the core support who keep our club going when things are both good and bad and on my Arsenal away days I would happily say we have the best set of away fans in the country without hesitation.

Onwards to Man Utd and can I order a no-drama 1-0 away win please? Thank You.

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  1. Can we make it 2-0 to try and avoid that sense of impending doom, that horrible heart in the throat feeling as the game ends?