Sunday, 21 October 2012

Norwich 1-0 Arsenal - Grim

Can't think of any funny stuff for the headline today. Was Grim wasn't it? I can only dream how grim it was for the (un)lucky folk who made the trip, was very reminiscent of the 1-0 defeat to Ipswich in the 1st leg of the League Cup Semi-Final where the attitude and application were non-existant and questionable and the same as yesterday evening.

It was poor, turgid, flat, leaden-footed, dull, poor again and collectively devoid of any redeeming features both attacking and defending. What troubled me the most (There Was A Lot to choose from in this category) was....

Maybe we underrated the difficulty we would face - Arsene 

Simply an unacceptable thing to comprehend, If I underrate the difficulty of a job where I'm paid big money I am reprimanded, also my manager who no doubt is paid considerably more is definitely told what's expected.

The Worrying thing is this isn't a new problem, there have been many, many times in the past where Arsenal just haven't turned up and shrugged it off as a bad day at the office, maybe there isn't enough pressure on these players to perform, maybe the manager has too much sway and power at the club where it isn't made clear what's expected and everyone has a cosy life with no pressure exerted.

This will cost Arsenal in the long run. It will cost them more than a few players with faces like smacked arses for a few days.

There's no point reviewing the game as it was so bad but congrats must go to Norwich who thoroughly deserved the win, they hassled and harried and took the chance when they needed to. Can always rely on Arsenal to kickstart someone's season.

Schalke at home in the CL this week, not like they've just gone to the home of their rivals and won.....Oh.

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