Tuesday, 21 August 2012

You're only Robin Yourselves

Bit of a bitter taste in the mouth these days reading stuff on Arsenal, not from the mainstream media about 1-game crises, but from some Arsenal fans themselves.

I'm genuinely as annoyed and frustrated about Robin Van Persie's decision to leave for Manchester United as the next one, but the amount of things I've seen about how good it would be to see him sustain an injury, and not just the odd 1 or 2 which you can put down to idiocy, but a lot, and I mean a lot from people I enjoy reading stuff from either on Twitter or blog form.
This is Arsenal remember, The Arsenal who lost Aaron Ramsey to a double leg-break, and even though he is back playing, he's never quite hit the heights he was striving towards before the injury.

A rivalry was made that day with some sections of the Stoke City support for revelling in it, and for the subsquent finger-pointing because Ramsey allegedly did not respond to Ryan Shawcross' apology as well, altogether a nasty episode which will undoubtedly carry on for years to come.
        Then we have Eduardo, who's Arsenal career was shortened in much the same way as Aaron Ramsey, he never regained the form he was showing pre-tackle and was moved on.
 The shame about Eduardo is that he was one of the best natural finishers Arsenal have probably ever had and to see the Eduardo post-injury was a sad sight to behold, devoid of confidence, reticent into a tackle.
Abou Diaby is the final case, a promising box-to-box midfielder who showed promise in the Vieira mould, has spent best part of 6 years trying to recover from a horror tackle and never quite making it without a setback. It's been sad to see the list of muscle injuries he's suffered as a result of said tackle.
You get the link, I'm unhappy Van Persie has left and as much as I understand it,
I'm still unhappy.

Saying all that,  I can't wish injury on a player and I'm a little bewildered that fans who fight the injured players corner as much as Arsenal fans seem to, would feel any differently.

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