Thursday, 30 August 2012

"And As I Told You"

Sorry for the headline, I hate people who use that on Twitter, it's normally reserved for the berks who get 1/50 things right and cling onto the 1 for dear life, almost as if they have a complex where they are begging for attention, and attention-seeker if you will. That Theo Walcott stuff from yesterday turned out to be not too far from the mark, and as.....STOP IT!

Personal rant aside, It seems as if the "Week of Chaos" predicted by most (including me) isn't going to come to fruition, all seems calm and tranquil (Walcott aside) around The Grove, which again leaves me with a feeling that some inside the club aren't willing to go the extra mile to get us in with a shout, finishing 4th or 3rd  is enough for them, maybe I'm wrong but it's not enough for me and when you consider the scale of ticket price fans have to fork out. Again Arsenal remind me of a "Jam Tomorrow" club, but will tomorrow ever come? And when Tomorrow does come as I'm promised, will be in any fit shape to captialise on it. I'm left wondering every single time.Also should hear some platitudes from Arsene Wenger pre-Liverpool today, I don't know whether to bring my decoder or just throw it at someone. I think the Liverpool game will tell us more about the team as Liverpool will definitely come and have a go at us which will test defence and also show what we can do on the counter-attack.

Injury news was made better by Didier Deschamps admitting Laurent Koscielny was fully fit and back to full training as he was included in the French squad along with Olivier Giroud and Abou Diaby

There is genuinely no news floating around at the minute, media lockdown enconses all of N5, whether genuinely nothing or protecting, remains to be seen.

Champions League draw is made this afternoon and it looks to be the most difficult group stage in years with big names and long journey's littered throughout the draw, lets hope we get a bit of Manchester United's luck when it comes to Group Stage draws (Excluding last year)

Join me and a whole host of jolly folk* tomorrow for what potentially could be the biggest waste of time ever, Liveblog will run here and on simultaneously.

Ta Ta

* - Disclaimer - Tim Clark of @arse2mouse will be joining me for some of it, and he's not jolly at all.

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