Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Theo & Transfer Tumbleweed

First up and to get out the way, deathly quiet on both incomings and outgoings yesterday although it's widely thought that yesterday was the day when things kicked into motion for all clubs and not just Arsenal, if I'm talking about this on Thursday, then my fingers will be hovering over the panic button.

Theo, Theo, Theo, Theo.......I wasn't at all shocked that these details were leaked to the press yesterday, it was surely retaliation for being left out of the team on Sunday, an ultimatum Friday about signing a new deal or being left out went unheeded and even thought of as a "bluffing tactic" by Theo's people, needless to stay it's not gone down well and may have contributed to yesterday's leak. For what it's worth I don't think Theo Walcott deserves 100k a week, he's too hit and miss and went missing far too much last season, he also is capable of being a match-winner and the nagging issues I have with selling Theo is that he isn't properly replaced and also will come back to haunt us, I think and hope a compromise is met because it doesn't sit well that over the past 2 summers, 5 big players have left us either for hometown teams, because they don't buy the project or because we won't pay what they think they deserve.

Quick note: Thanks to all for the feedback in the infant stage of the blog, 17,000 page hits for only 7 posts. Lovely.

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