Monday, 21 January 2013

Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

I think I get more annoyed by Arsenal every week, not because they are struggling, I have no issue with that, it's the same old problems not rectified and also because just when you write them off after another god awful performance in the first 45, they give you a chink of light to hold on in the second half and probably should of got a point. All in all though, very few positives to hold onto.

  • One of Bacary Sagna's worst games in an Arsenal shirt and when he was down injured, I was tempted to pull the curtain around him and end the misery for him.

  • Francis Coquelin played well and dug in before succumbing to another injury, bit worry when a player who I don't think will be able to make it at Arsenal is your shining light. Jack looked a bit exasperated again and who can blame him.
  • Santi Cazorla needs a rest, he seems to just float around making very little impact at the moment and looks heavy-legged, can't blame him since he's been nearly ever-present

  • The laughable quote about the "complete squad" came back into minds yesterday when they saw Andrei Arshavin preparing to enter the fray. The sooner he can move and enjoy football, the better.

  • Lots of transfer guff around at the moment, most of it agents lighting fires under teams who actually do want to buy.

Until tomorrow.

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