Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bitesize Blog - Swansea, Walcott, Salamon, Quiet Times

Hello, Long time and no see indeed. I've found it increasingly difficult these days to commit to writing about Arsenal because of changing circumstances in actual life, but a few people have asked me why I've stopped blogging and said they enjoyed it and yes, that was all 2 of them.

I'll level with you, my attention span is pretty lame as well, I get bored reading an opus of a blog so I imagine you do to, so I'm going to trial doing this blog in a different way, If you like it then let me know and if you don't, don't. :-)

  • Arsenal host Swansea tonight in the FA Cup replay - Crazy 1st game as so many Arsenal games are, Wenger has confirmed he'll play Wilshere as well. Poor boy must be spent as he leaves it all on the field. Wrap up warm and remember it's a 7:30pm kick-off tonight.

  • No incoming transfer whispers from my end to excite you with either, I hear Walcott's new premium deal will be announced sooner rather than later with a few chatterings suggesting you might hear today. Symbolic victory for Arsenal as they finally win a contract duel, was it the right one to win though?

  • What's also worrying is that even the shitty gossip sites are unable to make up rumours about us either but I've managed to glean this one from Italy that Arsenal are scouting Brescia's Polish defensive midfielder Bartosz Salamon. TuttoBrescia report that Arsenal are one of the teams watching the 21-year old ahead of a summer move.

That's pretty much it for today, until tomorrow.

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