Sunday, 18 November 2012

Arsenal 5-2 Them - No need for a pithy title.

No need at all, for Saturday could be the catalyst that boots this team up the arse as we approach Christmas, it could of all been very different had Adebayor not been sent off.

Here's where the first mini-rant occurs and it's aimed at the neutrals who piped up with the "The Referee ruined the game" with the decision. Do me a favour, Adebayor ruined the game for his team with a moronic challenge in an area he needn't have done so, and I'm one billion per cent sure had it been members if their own team on the receiving end, the dialogue would be oh so different.

After the sending-off, Arsenal took advantage, and took advantage of Tottenham's full-backs. Lot of Tottenham fans were salivating over a half-fit Sagna and Vermaelen at full-back, well get your own house in order because there was only one team who took both off at half-time. Walcott's cross led to Per's 1st goal and in a three-minute blitz Podolski and Giroud made it 3-1.

Half time was respite for them as the changes meant they gave it a go and Arsenal sat back and looked a little shaky. Cazorla's goal that started from a Szczesny punt settled the nerves until Bale made it 4-2, then Arsenal played like a team with 10. Introduction of Ox made a difference as his pace exposed Vertonghen a number of times, one of them leading to Walcott cuffing in number 5.

Same score, different day. Montpelier and Villa next. 6 points please.


The North London Derby is a bigger game now than was 10/15 years ago, not to us because they are always the team you want to beat, it makes workplaces, schools etc a lovely place to be for an Arsenal fan post-Derby win. It's a bigger game for the media because every game is now billed as the "POWER-SHIFT" game - where pundits (Who normally have a Spurs affilation) line up to tell us that Tottenham have a better squad etc, how they'll finish above Arsenal (Yaaaawn) etc bets etc etc so forgive me for my naivety but I always thought a power shift kinda had to be when one side was dominant for a prolonged period of time and the amount of "St Totteringham's Days" we've all enjoyed does tell who that is There's no doubt that the gap has closed in recent years and every year now is a battle, but its a battle we've won, lets keep it up.

Man Of The Match

Jack Wilshere - Because he gets the desire you need to play in this game, he knows what it means to lose, Santi was utterly fantastic but the catalyst for all this was Jack getting the game by the scruff at 0-1, a brilliant display, the boy is Arsenal.


Szczesny - 7 - Poor for goal, not Mannone

Sagna - 6.5 - Not 100%, but still solid

Koscielny - 7 - Dave's best game this season

Mertesacker - 8 - Quickest I've seen him run (Celebrating the goal)

Vermaelen - 7.5 - Early scare, very, very solid

Arteta - 7 - quieter than usual, still good

Cazorla - 8 - Wizard, Wizard, Wizard, Wizard, Wizard

Wilshere - 8.5 - See above reasoning

Podolski - 7 - Does it in the big games

Walcott - 8 - Please sign the f^*€$€< contract

Giroud - 8 - Establishing himself very, very nicely.

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