Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Aha! Zaha! Huzzah! - Jenko, Frimpong & AST

Woke up this morning to find Wilfried Zaha has become the Lionel Messi / Cristiano Ronaldo incarnate overnight with the way people are talking about him, the fact he's likely to play for Arsenal in January makes it nicer too, understand the boy is a massive Gooner and even though we're struggling in the eyes of many, top youth prospects both here and abroad see us as a viable club to join still, whether its the fact they are learning under "The Great Professor",or the fact we'll probably pay them more than other clubs (This rule doesn't apply to proven players, *deep sigh*) but never theless if everything my Palace mates say about him is true, he'll be a joy.

Jenko signed a new deal, pleased for the boy because Arsenal matters to him as much as it does to you and me, which is a heart-warming thing for a fan to see, does bring out the fans who criticise the club for extending a deal for a player that isn't in the news, but there you go.

Wayne "Manchester United have no interest in Robin Van Persie" "Shades of McGarry" Veysey of "Goal.com" - I've put the website in air quotes because I'm yet to be convinced its not Fictional said Frimpong was to be sold in January as his contract ends in the summer, only to be rinsed by Frimpong himself on Twitter saying that wasn't the case. Frimpong's deal ends in the mythical 2014 where we find the keys to FFP treasure and also he's going on loan to Wolves in the next 10 days, so nice one Wazza.

AST meeting on the normal subjects last night too, you know the people to follow to read about that so I won't Bore you, only thing that surprised me was the revelation that Arsenal haven't paid Corporation Tax due to deferments etc etc. Pretty poor form considering I've spent half the summer sniggering at Rangers for enraging the HMRC.

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