Thursday, 12 June 2014

Aaron Ramsey - An Apology

I was reminded today of something I said about the new "Welsh Jesus" Aaron Ramsey back in the times when he was struggling at Arsenal and being farmed out to Nottingham Forest on loan....

"He's just a Welsh James Milner"

I would like to go on record and apologise for that statement because quite frankly I'm an idiot, although in my defence I have also said that if he ever did regain his form and confidence, the sky is the limit for that kid because he never went missing, never hid and was always looking for ways to change his fortunes around and nothing gives me more joy than to see this happen.

Whether Arsenal would have won the league with Ramsey having a fully fit season is still debatable in my eyes, I don't think the squad depth is necessarily there and no-one would have predicted Liverpool's late season run either, but safe to say we would have been a lot closer to the league.

The real test for Ramsey next season to cement his standing is how he deals with the extra pressure, the pressure that Arsenal and more importantly Arsene trust him so much now that they can just pass on Cesc Fabregas, and the pressure put on him by opposition defenders who will now look for him just as much as they look for Mesut Ozil. Weighing all the evidence up, it wouldn't surprise me if he takes all that on and thrives, he has the mental attitude to do whatever he wants to and he's backed that up with his form this season.

So in short - I'm sorry Aaron.

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