Sunday, 13 April 2014

Paralysis by Analysis

The morning after the carnage of the evening before and however bad we were yesterday, Arsenal are in the FA Cup final for the first time in nearly 10 years. It seems as if the rules are changed and the common theory that "winning ugly" is a sign of strength and mental fortitude....unless it's Arsenal and in that case we were just lucky. The game was as most people expected, Wigan defending deep and well and trying to exploit on the counter and Arsenal's flat, insipid passing trying to break them down, but don't let the narrative confuse you, there was only one team who deserved to win that game, and it wasn't Wigan, 95% of the clear cut chances were Arsenals, we had more of the ball (as you think a Premier League team should against a Championship one).

And then you have the furore of the celebrations, this is a team going through the wringer, nearly a decade trophyless having just won a penalty shootout in a a game they were 8 minutes away from losing, if you can't celebrate that then you might as well stop watching Sport. You had Roy Keane and some Liverpool chiding Arsenal for celebrating "only beating Wigan", well did Roy Keane celebrate when Manchester United beat Millwall? Did Liverpool celebrate beating Cardiff (on pens)? Of course they did and have every right to. (The Caveat being that they were finals, we could still balls this up)

But we're there, 90 mins away from ending the drought, shutting many people up in the process although knowing the law of sod, we'll finish 5th so the cup win will largely be forgotten.

West Ham on Tuesday, if you're going to The Emirates, take a pair of boots, you might get a game.

Until then.

Relieved of Warwickshire.

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