Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The One Where He Hasn't Blogged For A Long Time And Thinks He Ought To.

 The title of this sums it up. Real life is an annoying distraction from the reality of Twitter and blogging but there you go, there is also approaching the saturation point of Arsenal blogs so maybe the best approach is every now and again, not getting lost in the daily screams to "Enjoy & Share" or @'s on Twitter for a retweet.

Been a funny ol' summer hasn't it? From the highs (Literally!) of the St James' Park away end in May to utter despair of the transfer market, to the quite bizarre Cesc Fabregas situation to the eventual weeping at the news that Mesut Ozil was an Arsenal player. If I were a teacher writing comments on Arsenal's summer it would go something like "Need to try harder, too cautious but saved at the end" - And that maybe is the Arsenal PR dream, the fact you pretty much forgot the utter ballsing we made of much of the summer because you were too busy fist-pumping and shouting at your TV at 10pm on deadline day, or maybe that was just me. Followed Higuain for most of the summer leading to someone very well connected telling me that "Club have found it's striker" - then Madrid get wind of Napoli interest and jack up price - which then Napoli pay, we had the constant umming and aahing over targets, Luis Gustavo-gate and a situation where a lot of people lost a lot of money betting on Cesc Fabregas returning to Arsenal off the back of some "information" - However in this instance I did not enjoy it and I will not be sharing anything else to do with it.

But then came Ozil, who I watched in the flesh for the first time on Sunday and the guy oozes class, whether psychologically you think someone is better because they're more expensive but I found Tomas Rosicky trying to do similar things as Ozil but not pulling them off. There were audible gasps in the home end whenever he broke or pinged one of his inch perfect passes around the pitch. He still doesn't look completely up to speed but that kinda worries me what he'll be capable of.

Seems to be a new vibe around the ground as well, if you eliminate the Villa game. Players look a lot more relaxed and atmosphere has improved, it really is amazing how may areas a big name signing can affect. Very weird vibe of expecting Arsenal to defend properly as well, there was a calmness even at 1-0 down on Sunday where you were never quite worried that they wouldn't equalise, there was a adult nature in how the Napoli game was shut down, Flamini has been inspired.

It all leads to an difficult Novemeber and December but also an exciting one. Thread the eye of the injury needle and if we're still in with a shout, January becomes very interesting and from then on...who knows.

Exciting Times, I don't think this is the end of them, just the start of the next exciting chapter....

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