Monday, 24 June 2013

No Stupid Theorys today + A Poor Update

Summer is dragging, weather is bad and the overall lack of movement in the transfer market is making this summer a particularly long one. The Rooney/Fabregas/Utd/Arsenal hootenanny in the last post provoked some debate but luckily no abuse so cheers for that. Sooooo what's happening?


I have an unmistakable knot in my stomach about this one, I just can't shake the feeling that this one is going south. I had a chat with someone who knows their onions who told me that this deal is "very close" but Arsenal are still susceptible to ballsing it up. They personally think it will happen (I researched Higuain to Juve is 7/2 today so at least their will be profit in misery) and even went so far to say that Arsenal now have eyes on strengthening other areas of the pitch. I dunno, I'm not used to shiny new things that cost money so I'm still suspicious but I'm not going to turn into these weird folk who talk about transfers ALL THE TIME on Twitter but always end it with "I'LL ONLY BELIEVE IT WHEN IT'S ON ARSENAL.COM" - DO you only believe it's Christmas when you see Santa's arse poking out the chimney? No - go away.


Arsenal interest very real but told a deal is very unlikely. Next.


Would be interested in returning to Arsenal but not this soon I'm told. 2013/14 earliest date for arrival. Could be forced forward if family issues play any sort of part in it.


Perusing France Football today I see Oliver Kreuzer (SD of Hamburg) has been confirming interest in Johan Djourou. I have kindly put a link there so there can be no accusations of any kind of fabrication or to prevent hours and hours of conversation on Twitter about how accurate or informed a person is (I could go to town here but I shan't, that day will come). I always find that the people who spend all day discussing validity of people are normally the ones who bloviate the most.

That's really it I'm afraid. Until next time.


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