Wednesday, 20 February 2013

24 Years of Arsenal....Thank You & More Questions Than Answers.

Not the best week all told in Arsenal World but whatever doesn't kill you only primes you up ready for next time, right? I'm sure I've bored you all about this last year but last week (Valentines Day to be precise) marked 24 years of my first ever Arsenal game - I wrote about it for the excellent @ArsenalCollective here if you want to be bored further

Why do I post this? Well I'm in the process of moving house so what with the impending Arsenalgeddon that the Radio promises me ( I have no Internet or Satellite TV until next week) I've had a lot of time to think about what Football means to me because recently I felt myself becoming detached from it, the prices make it increasingly hard to go these days, the Internet and Social Media are saturated with opinion, facts, false facts, downright lies and Statistics and that's before we've even moved on to things like fake agent accounts, wage bill reminders and the like. I realise that I'm part of the problem, I tweet a lot about transfers due to the fact I hear a bit of news now and then but I don't think I have an agenda, I have no interest in joining the AST, I have even less interest in that in being on Sky Sports News or Radio because quite honestly I think other people do the job better and it's not for me. I like finding news and telling other people about it, that's really about it. Football started off for me as something for me and my dad to share and we still go to games now. I wonder if people have just forgotten why they started going or supporting in the first place?

Onto Football...

There is a staleness about Arsenal and has been for a few years now, you kind of feel as if you're in the final stages of this Wenger era, the team needs surgery to ensure that the first team is competitive but also that the necessary squad depth is there, but after seeing the transfer dealings of the past few years, do you trust that if Thomas Vermaelen is sold, someone better will be bought? Are you then left wanting the underperforming player kept (whoever they are) because you don't think someone better will be bought with the money? Is it the same message with the manager? Do you think Arsene Wenger should be kept as manager of Arsenal because you don't trust Ivan Gazidis to appoint a proper successor? Or because Arsene Wenger has had so much of a say at Arsenal that it'll set Arsenal back even further if he leaves? Something to ponder eh?......

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