Monday, 3 December 2012

Arsenal 0-2 Swansea - Powder may be dry, but not in the Cannons

Probably the most alarming thing about Saturday is that you're not really surprised by it anymore, which in itself is surprising. Swansea won this at a canter, playing fluid, angled football that used to be Arsenal's calling card, but Arsenal haven't played good football in months, even when the results were going against us, we could always hold on to the fact that if we were crap, we were entertaining crap, we're not even that anymore.

We face probably 8 more games before any new faces could arrive, and even then we all know how Arsenal's transfer skills work, so you're looking at the end of a month which contains Manchester City (H), Liverpool (H) and away to Chelsea (A), fills you with oh so much confidence.

Arsene Wenger is starting to look like a man who might be finally bereft of ideas, there's a nasty malaise hanging over the club, from the team to the fans. We are too easy to play against these days, and teams can be pretty sure that Wenger will not change things until the 70th minute so they're allowed to gain a foothold on the match and even though Swansea's goals didn't come until late, they were coming a mile off.

It's quite disheartening writing about Arsenal because it's continuously Groundhog day these days, amazingly we are only 5 points off 3rd position which is the same position as last season (Thanks F365) so there's not reason to panic about league position this early.

I really want Arsene to turn this round, when you consider what he's done for our club and what it means to him, this must be hurting him as much if not more than us, in an ideal world he gets the statue and the great send-off, doing a lap of honour around the Emirates that both he and Danny Fiszman made their baby filled to the brim of supporters standing to applaud an Arsenal legend. He genuinely deserves that so I hope he does what is necessary to achieve this. It's not looking so nailed on these days though. Uncertain times ahead.

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